“Change” is a general word which people used to talk about what they want to do. But among ones who could solve it is less. They don’t determine how and what they needed do, so they failed. And then, they continued the ‘changing’ process over and over.


Last week is so terrible. And ’cause the honor things, I decided changing again, ;)). A decision’s as same as the other decisions, lol. But, this time, I have a plan for that, lol.

– First step: Write plan



Weekend, talking some silly things for relaxing, expelling all of stress …
Next week is new week again.
Life is on and on.
People also follow it over and over.
Everything is through and through.
And at last, we will go to some bear.
Let it go!

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One thought on “Change

  1. Reading this one again and once more time it finds out myself bullshit, =)).

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